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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Real v. Fake

They both start out wide at the base and end up pointed at the tip.
The fake ones probably require less maintenance.
I can't imagine they are as nice to touch as real ones though.
And real ones just smell better...

... Oh, come on. I'm talking about Christmas Trees! 

Aaron and I have a twice handed down fake tree. As far as twice handed down fake trees go, I'd say it is pretty good. It is taller than I am, so that is a plus.

About 12 years ago (that makes me feel really old) I pointed out to my mom that I was taller than our fake tree and that it made me feel uncomfortable about my height. The next year she bought a real tree. It was great. So tall and full. It smelled great. Our cat really liked it. (Although, as it turned out, he used it as a more natural alternative to the litter box.)

I'm not sure why we haven't ventured into fresh cut Christmas Tree-dom yet. Maybe next year...

What do you have? Real? Fake? Pre-lit? Anyone have a tree that isn't green in color?

The late, great, Charles Schulz, of course.


  1. We have a 1970 model, hand me down fake. I think the best Christmas tree we ever had was the live one that Dad planted at the red house and covered every year with those big fat colorful lights. I loved looking at it all lit up.
    -Melissa (the sister)

  2. If there were only a poll to respond to... :-)

    We have two fakes, but have only put one (it is prelit) up since Isaac was born. Although I do prefer a real tree, they're just so messy and expensive!

  3. Hooray , Comments!
    Fake is in the lead... interesting.