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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What to do? What to do?

"The barrio, Carbon Beach. What to do, what to do?"

This line from one of my favorite movies (Spanglish) keeps running through my head. It has been for about a month. Never mind the barrio or Carbon Beach. Just pretty much What. To. Do. ?

Things, life in general, are going pretty darn good. I have had many a time when they weren't. So, while I am thankful for this calm, uneventful part of my life, I am also itching for change.

Sometimes I feel like things get a little stagnant and I need to shake them up. When this happens I decide I am going to make drastic external changes like dying my hair or getting it cut. Drastic usually amounts to nobody can tell the difference but I feel like I went caaraaazy.

Right now though, I can pin exactly what it is I want to change, what it is I NEED to change. I have been and am taking the appropriate steps to make this change happen (this is not about baby making, weight loss, a new house/car etc...), but while I wait I still feel like things are the same. Because, well, they are.

But I want change!

So what am I doing? Thinking about rearranging the furniture.

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