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Friday, May 18, 2012

Buddy and Bunnies

Ooh - it's Meghan's birthday today! Happy Birthday, Meghan!  (You remember Meghan, she is the one that told me about Rabbit Rabbit).

Speaking of Rabbit Rabbit, my rabbit den has been abandoned. A couple of days after Flopsy ran off into the thick of loriope, Mopsy and Peter must have decided to go look for him or hang out in Mr. MacGregor's garden.

One day though, one of the babies was hanging around outside the den, between the fence and the yard and Charlie got a whiff of him/her. Baby bunny didn't know what to do, so I thought I would help. Instead of accepting the safety of my hands, bunny ran through the fence a couple of feet in to the unprotected area of Charlie's yard. Charlie was very intrigued and followed quickly, swatting out a front paw and in "whack-a-mole" style pounded the bunny.

Bunny screamed. I panicked. Charlie let go. Bunny ran back toward the den.

I made a few more unsuccessful attempts to corral baby bunny away from big dog. Once I had some luck and was able to picky bunny up, sighed with relief and Plop! Bunny down! And stunned. And not moving. Oh geez.

I reach for bunny again and he's on his feet. I slalom around the trash cans and try to scoop him out from under the small edge of siding he is using for cover. We do this dance for a couple of minutes.

Finally, baby bunny runs across the driveway up through a flower bed and past shed #1 to safety.

The irony here is: now that the babies are grown they are fair game for "Charlie, get that bunny!" (If he ever actually catches one and then does what dogs do to rabbits, I couldn't handle it. I think he just likes the chase. At least, that is what I am choosing to believe.)

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  1. We were under the impression that Bella liked the chase to until 2 unfortunate situations with squirrels and kittens a week or two ago. Nobody lost their lives that we know of but Bella is not the angel we thought. I'll have to tell you in more detail the next time we get together :)