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Friday, February 3, 2012

Pop Quiz

Can anybody tell me what these two images have in common?




Ok. The answer is:

They are both too big for their britches. Perhaps one more figuratively than the other.
A little description from Urban Dictionary "... phrase meaning that your assumed position is slightly larger than the actual position you belong in." 

Although Charlie doesn't always get what he wants, that is when this particular trait is most evident.

  • Most of the time he is treated to a dinner plate that has been 98.7% consumed.
  • After a losing battle of not letting him on the furniture after letting him on the furniture as a puppy, we have a compromise that a sheet or blanket goes down first so he can have a 'spot'.
  • Usually he gets to be off-leash before a car ride because he is so good at just running to the car.

  • If I choose not to let Charlie lick my plate, I get talked to. Squeeled at. Huffed and puffed at.
  • My feet touch him while he is on the couch - his whole experience is ruined and he walks away, glaring at me.
  • When good ol' Chuck feels that he hasn't been on enough walks, he runs just far enough away to make Aaron's morning run less smoothly.

Aaron and I have created a monster. And I fear that we no longer fall into the category of dog owners, but owned by a dog instead.




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  1. Aww Bella does the opposite - she mopes gives you the passive agressive silent treatment by not being anywhere near. Hard on the emotions. See you bright and early! :D Hopefully the weather is all wrong and it won't rain...