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Friday, February 10, 2012

Just some things

Nuclear is pronounced nu-clear. Not newk-U-lar. If you work where I work, you should be able to say it right. It's in the company name.

Recently I have heard adds for Shoney's Valentine's Day dinner. If my Valentine's date took me to Shoney's -consider that relationship over.

Green is not a primary color. It might be one of the first colors you learn about, but it is not primary.

The L is silent in Salmon.

So is the X in Espresso. Wait. There is no X in espresso. (for you, Mandalicious)

I'm taking a drawing class. Things are not as they seem. It is refreshing.

I have concerns about the recyclability of an e-reader. But I kind of want one.

The coop has been prepared for winter weather for at least a month. We might have seasonable temperatures this weekend.

My resolution to remember where I park is going pretty well.

My resolution to minimize snap judgements is more challenging. But, when I fail, I come up with an alternative explanation for the situation that is more forgiving than my initial thoughts.

I am happier since I stopped looking at  Facebook. In this situation my own ignorance truly is bliss.

I wonder how Nutella can be so creamy and smooth, yet have nuts in it. Interestingly, I have never questioned peanut butter.

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