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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back to Basins

The amazing heated water fountain isn't as amazing as I hoped it would be. At least, not the way I have it situated.

No matter how full I fill the fountain, the next day it is empty. Since I have it hanging from a bracket and water finds its own level I thought I had a pretty good system.

Not so much.

The fountain tends to sway when Kathy and Eleanore bombard it for a drink. Then the water sloshes, runs down the side, under the hay, off the plywood floor and out of the coop. A few weeks ago there were icicles at my access door.

In order to keep my birds quenched I have reinstated the basin. They step on the sides and drop hay, but they somehow managed to get hay in the hanging fountain too. It is easier to clean out of the basin.

Fortunately there haven't been many freezing days that rule out watering from the basin. Although, I might try to set up a platform of sorts and shim the heck out of it until it is level and try the fountain again.

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