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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I walked through my back yard yesterday. This is what I saw:
I don't know what this is. My mom speculates it is a type of mint. It is all over Charlie's yard and crowding out some tulips. It is kind of pretty, but it would be prettier in a different spot.

This is what was happening while I was trying to take a picture of the maybe mint.

Tulips - no buds yet.

Flowering Quince - I think it has been in bloom since January.

Crocus. Crocusses. Croci. Crocus.

Tilt head 90 to right. I'm not sure what this is. It sort of resembles daffodils, but the leaves (?) are much broader.
More daffodils. Save for Miss Look At Me here, all following the sun.

baby Grape Hyacinth buds

2 headed chicken
What?! More daffodils - Crazy
Time to mow already...

The first bud on my giant, school bus of a forsythia.

Charlie and Rosie stomping on some tulips. Good dogs! Rosie may look sad, but she isn't. I think she was losing patience with me.

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