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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Self Imposed September Challenge

This photo - courtesy of Glenn Myers - has inspired me to do something about my mane.

I wear a pony tail for some portion of every day. Sometimes it hangs from the center, sometimes it sits over one shoulder. Most of the time, it doesn't contain all of my hair, as detailed here with the whispies at my forehead, ears and neck.

In my defense for this particular shot... It was early. I mean EARL-Y when I got ready for this event (Storm the Fort Tri). Somehow though, I feel like this is probably how disheveled I look on a regular basis, regardless of waking hour or race day. (Feel free to keep any comments to yourself unless its a complement. Self realization, even in terms of vanity, can be kind of a doozy.)

So here is my challenge for myself:
Every day for the month of September I shall attempt to fix my hair in a manner appropriate for the place I am going. (I'm not ruling out pony tails all together. I'm starting to get serious about running again.)

Attempt is the key word though. I don't have a lot of hand-eye-mirror coordination, nor do I have a lot of product knowledge to achieve or maintain desired look. I'm going to try though and eventually reveal my results through pictures taken along the way.

Wish me luck!

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