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Thursday, September 29, 2011

In a year's time

I have learned some things about poultry and I have learned some things about myself.

First the birds:
  • Hens, I have learned, can be quite particular about their brooding grounds. The anticipation of those first eggs...
  • Even though they tend to poop where they eat and sleep - they have a fine appreciation for cleanliness/fresh hay.  
  • They like the rain.
  • They put themselves to bed before it gets dark.
  • Hens like to chase and eat bugs - and they are good at it!
  • They like me best when I am holding food.
and now, me:
  • When I put my mind to it, I can stay on topic - mostly.
  • This blog has been and hopefully will continue to be a good creative outlet.
  • My photos have better quality when I take them with Aaron's fancy camera takes rather than my "Ah, it's good enough" camera.
  • Amazingly, I was able to keep pretty upbeat or at least neutral topics. (i.e. I didn't use my creative outlet as an outlet to deal with annoyances or irritations {i.e. I didn't b*tch.})
  • I prefer to "farm" in mild temperatures, in the daylight, when it is not raining and there are few mosquitoes.
  • I have grown more and more hesitant to order eggs out at a restaurant.

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