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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chinese Lanterns

Last Saturday I went with my mom (and my dog) to Ijams for a wildflower walk. It was put on by Knoxville Parks and Rec. I learned a few names of flowers and weeds that I didn't know before and also solved the mystery of the plant residing where my carrots should be.

Chinese Lanterns.

I don't think they are very drought resistant. But, if they did survive the dry spell followed by a gully washer, they might continue to ripen and turn red. After that the pod will kind of deteriorate into a lace that surrounds a red ball.

I wish I took these last two pictures. But I didn't. Google Image Search didn't either, but that is where I found them. (I have gotten really lazy about credit where its due. My apologies well deserving artists!)

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