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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Animal Behavior

I made my way up to the coop last night to visit with the ladies.

They love the rain.

It was raining the first day I brought them home. I was so worried about them getting wet that I chased them around their pen and tried to convince them to go inside the coop.

Last night they were perched outside, gossipping in the drizzle. "Did you see that squirrel?" "Oh, I saw it all right."...

They made their way inside as I walked over to my access door. "Ah hem. Our water could use a little attention. Though it is nice to see you." (My hens are so polite.) 

After setting down the fresh water I just stood and visited with them for a while. The ate and continued to chat, there was some dancing, they pecked at some more food and indulged in the clean water. Then Eleanore straightens up looks Kathy right in the face, and goes in a for a peck/kiss. It looked kind of violent, but considering chickens don't really have graceful, fluid movements I think she was just helping Kathy groom. (Kathy had something stuck to her beak.) Then, of course, it was time for more water.

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