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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Supplies and a Vision

I finally got around to doing some shopping for my adventure in agriculture. I started at Tractor Supply. I think I will be going there a lot. Yesterday I picked up a feeder, poultry wire, posts, and a book. The internet has supplied most of my "knowledge" up to this point. Something about having a book makes me feel better prepared. So prepared, in fact, that I almost brought some birds home last night. All of the peep, peep, peep peeps of the little chicks was almost too much. I wouldn't say that chickens are remarkably good looking creatures, but they sure are cute when they are little. Two things stopped me.

1. The minimum qty of chicks to buy at a time is six.
2. The coop is not ready. Nowhere near ready.

If it would just stop raining I could slap on a coat of barn red.  If it would stop raining I could get some wood work done in the shop (a.k.a the driveway).  If I was not expected to go to work I could have a new roof on there already...

Sometime between seeing those fuzzy, wobbly chicks and purchasing the fence materials I decided that the coop will do fine the way it is for a little while. I doubt it will bother chickens that their home does not have a barn red exterior with white trim. It probably won't bother them that the windows aren't proper rectangles. They probably won't mind that they aren't living in the renovated 4-star resort I have pictured for them/me.

Once I get an area fenced in adequately I will let Dwight know I am ready. (Although, after talking to him today, it turns out he has grown quite attached to his flock of young chickens. He may not want to part with even 3 of them. Honestly, I don't know that I would be heart broken. It would be an excuse to go rescue some chicks.)

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