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Monday, August 23, 2010

Double Feature - Egg Cartons and Turkeys

I got home Friday to find 4 egg cartons that had traveled all the way from the foothills of North Carolina to the mountains of Tennessee. I can't wait to use them. My sister saved the cartons and made personalized labels for them. That is when I decided I must get at least one grown hen. Those chicks at TS won't be ready to lay eggs for a while... Not to mention that when I went to TS today, all of the chicks were gone.    Photos soon. They are the best looking cartons I've ever seen!

Sunday morning I looked out from the kitchen and saw something long and brown slowly moving over a flower box near the garden. It didn't move like a cat, but that is usually what is up there. I kept looking and saw a rafter of Turkeys! (Isn't Google great? I just learned that - a rafter of turkeys.) 

1 comment:

  1. Did you raff and raff at the rafter of Turkeys?

    ----Posted with Completed Knowledge of how bad the joke is.