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Friday, March 16, 2012

Stormy Weather

The unusual-for-most-years-thunder-storm-in-the-winter that we had last night, reminded me that I documented some from the night of the other, more intense weather we had a couple of weeks ago.

My mom likes to ask: "Where were you when the lights went out?"
Answer: In the dark.

Charlie was on the couch though, pinning my legs down while the thunder, lightening, and wind kept him alert (i.e. scared).

No electricity. No Internet service.
Yet, we are still able to check the radar. (Air card)

This is how far I got with my emergency preparedness. I had already changed in to my pajamas so I figured I might want real pants to pick up the pieces if it came to that. My purse - there is important information in there. You gotta watch out for looters! Sneakers - like I said, I was in PJ's so I didn't have shoes on either. My phone - pretty self explanatory. And pillows - to cover my head with while I wrapped my body around either the toilet or the pedestal sink so I didn't fly away when the roof came off. One of those was for Aaron. I figured we could wedge Charlie between us.
Luckily, we survived unscathed.

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