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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Self Imposed Challenge Results

I think I only wore my hair in a (slightly unkept) pony tail 4 times. I broke out the flat iron a few mornings. There were a couple of braids, a headband now and then...
 This had to be my best hair day of September. I actually left the house with wet hair and mindlessly twisted it around my fingers in traffic. When it was finally dry at work it looked really (relative term) good.
This particular day I spent A LOT (relative term) of time on my hair trying to make waves with the flat iron. I realize this sounds counterintuitive, but according to reliable internet sources it can be done. It ended up in a pony tail - headband combo shortly after this look of disgust. (For some reason it is easier for me to take a goofy picture of myself than "acting natural" while observing my own reflection.)

If I were to grade myself, I'd get a B+ for effort.

-ahhh, the formatting is driving me nuts!-

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