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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colder Weather

I think the cold front that moved in to town last night is here to stay for a while. I might name this cold front Autumn. Or Fall if you prefer.
Not the Myers home -  just in case you were confused.

Either way, it is nearing time to get out the longest-extension-cord-I've-ever-seen-in-my-life (a chicken farming gift from my dad), unreel it from Shed #1 to the Coop, and light up Kathy and Eleanore's lives.

Since it is getting chillier, and the hours of daylight shorter, I will be using an incandescent imposter to keep the eggs a comin'. 

*** I swear I remember writing something about why I needed to put a light in the coop, but I can't seem to find it - if this is a re-run for you, my bad. If not - here is a little explanation: (And of course now I don't remember what my source was, probably the internet. The internet knows everything, and thanks to the Google, now I can too.)***

Anyway, apparently hens need so many hours of light a day to keep the egg production steady. So in the winter months, with less light, it is likely that I won't collect as many eggs.  Also, even though they are birds, I worry about their comfort level.

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